Propping and Shore Loading Auckland

Propping and Shore loading Auckland. Summit Scaffolding Ltd.

Propping and Shore Loading Auckland, Summit Scaffolding Services are helping build and renovate all-sized properties in Auckland, Hamilton, and outlying areas. Our propping and shore loading facility is a vital component in this.

Propping (or falsework) is a method of temporarily supporting a non-self-supporting structure. The vital elements here are the design process, assembly, and application. We don’t mean to state the obvious, but the foundations must support the loads carried by the falsework … all this is highly skilled work, ably carried out by our team at Summit Scaffolding.

The product we prefer to use is Kwikstage. This system is infinitely adjustable with a versatility bar none. Quick, compact, compatible, portable, lightweight but incredibly tough, Kwikstage is the answer for laying beams, concrete slabs, and floor units.

With Kwikstage, the supporting connections (the props) are guaranteed to be of appropriate strength and the shoring system is flexible, adjustable and adaptable, and suitable for a wide range of uses such as:

  • Multi-storey apartments scaffolding Auckland
  • Demolition sites scaffolding Auckland
  • New homes and renovations scaffolding Auckland
  • Office blocks scaffolding Auckland
  • Schools and universities scaffolding Auckland
  • Retail outlets scaffolding Auckland
  • Industrial enterprise Scaffolding Auckland
  • Subdivisions Scaffolding Auckland.